For those of you that go south for the winter months, don’t forget to record your volunteer hours while out of state. Those hours are good in Indiana/Elkhart County. Every little bit helps. Keep Volunteering!!!!!


For a printable copy of this Volunteer Hours Record Form.CLICK HERE  or  download this from for Excel

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Community Service


ECRTA 2015 Volunteer Hours
24,783 Volunteer Hours x $23.07/hr = $571,743.81

Teachers and school administrators have long been known for doing more than they were required to do to assist children and families in the school setting.  They went the second mile in helping children, youth, teenagers and their families when the need arose.

Elkhart County Retired Teachers continue to give their time and professional expertise to many organizations in Elkhart County. Each hour is valued at $23.07 which makes the 2015 total $571,743.81!!  Thank you to all of you who turned in your hours!  Keep tab of your 2016 hours to turn in by December. At the regular meetings $234.00 was donated to Church Community Services along with 85 pounds of food and paper supplies. We also donated $186.00 along with food items and paper products to the Family Development Center in Nappanee and $121.00 plus food items and paper products to the Window in Goshen.  Total money donated for the was $541.00.

A new community service project for ECRTA is collecting eye glasses and hearing aides which in turn are donated to the Lion’s Club.  These glasses and hearing aides are used by the Lion’s Club for their mission project in Mexico.  Several of our members are involved in this project each September.  If you want more information about this worthwhile endeavor contact John Preheim, 875-6735.

Volunteers  are honored for 200 – 400 hours, 400 – 600 hours, 600 – 800 hours, 800 -  1000 hours and anyone with over 1000 hours.  The Lifetime Certificate is given each year to a person that continues to give back to the community in many different areas.

Questions arise as to what can be considered for volunteer hours.  The following are just some suggestions.  You may have other ones that you do.
You may also count the time to and from your volunteer activity.  The only area that does not count is helping with your grandchildren and other family members.

Lifetime Award for Elkhart County

Congratulations to Gary Stoltz, the 2015 winner of the Lifetime Award for Elkhart County.  Gary volunteers with IRTA as well as our local ECRTA serving on legislative committees and keeping all of us informed regarding legislative decisions and representatives views;  the legislative decisions obviously have an enormous impact on all of the retired teachers throughout our state.  Gary is also on the IRTA Foundation Board that sets policies for Scholarships, Hands-up and Helping Hands.  Gary volunteers for Church Community Service in various capacities.

2017 Scholarship Winner

    Each year ECRTA  presents a $1000 scholarship to a county student majoring in education and attending a state university.
This year's winner is Alex Pobocik.  Alex is a Goshen High School graduate.  He is a 4th year student at Ball State University
majoring in a 5 years music education program.  Nancy Bonowitz presented the check to Alex at our June ECRTA meeting.